Delta’s Containerized Data Center Solutions Support Campana’s Submarine Cable Landing Station in Myanmar with Superior Energy Efficiency and Agility

Delta, a global provider of power and thermal management solutions, announced it has enabled an energy-efficient 200kW containerized data center solution for the Singapore-based Campana Group. The modular and scalable properties of Delta’s Containerized Data Center Solution were integral for the project to be completed in just 50 days, from shipment (originating at Delta's production base in Wujiang, China) to full installation of coupled containers in Yangon, Myanmar. This data center features superior energy efficiency with annual average PUE* below 1.43, thus, achieving gold level of the Green Grid standard. Designed for the SIGMAR (Singapore-Myanmar) International Submarine Cable Project, the Campana data center is the largest high-speed data center connecting Singapore and Myanmar, and shall benefit end consumers in Southeast Asia with an enriched digital life.

Dr. Myo Ohn, CEO of Campana Group, noted: "Building data centers in Myanmar is extremely challenging. You have to meet power requirements as well as efficiency targets. We wanted a supplier that we could depend on both in terms of quality and technical ability. Therefore, we chose Delta."The Campana Group's submarine cable project in Myanmar, with Singapore as the Internet hub, will connect submarine cable network to cable landing stations to meet the rapidly growing demands for online activities in Myanmar. A report by Technavio, a technology research firm, suggests that thanks to the booming multi-billion-dollar Southeast Asian data center markets, Asia will likely outrun Europe in terms of market size by 2021.

“It’s a pleasure to partner with Campana, who aims to empower digitalization in Southeast Asia, and together we have reached such satisfactory results. Delta’s prefabricated data center infrastructure solutions not only enable fast deployment and construction as demanded, but also come with high reliability and integration to fit the full range of application environments present in the edge computing field. Moreover, we assist customers' in penetrating more network connectivity service markets," Dr. Charles Tsai, general manager of Delta's Mission Critical Infrastructure Solutions Business Unit, added.

With flexibility, agility, rapid deployment, high integration and excellent energy efficiency, Delta's containerized data center solution beat competitors to win Campana’s trust for this project. The solution offers a modular design that fully integrates high-efficiency power supply, precision cooling, comprehensive monitoring, airflow management, wiring and piping systems in one 20' or 40' container. This not only cuts data center construction costs but also shortens the construction time span effectively which, in turn, enables quick and flexible system deployment. Instead of the 2-year construction time required by traditional data centers, Delta's containerized data centers only take a few weeks to be operational. The fully prefabricated, pre-tested and complete configurations of Delta’s containerized data center solutions well satisfy the highly demanding needs of mobile edge computing needs.

In terms of energy consumption, Delta's containerized data center solutions come with high energy efficiency as subsystems, including UPS, power distribution, batteries, cooling and racks are highly integrated. Even at 30% light load, Delta’s UPS can achieve high AC-AC efficiency up to 95%. The annual average PUE below 1.43 achieves the gold level of the Green Grid standard. The containerized data center also has the InfraSuite Manager, Delta's data center infrastructure management (DCIM) system to provide key information including environment monitoring, power, cooling, security, report management, data analysis and IT integration for effective planning and management as well as making the right decisions.

Delta's containerized data center solutions adopt standardized specifications. Compared with same-scale traditional data centers, it not only costs much less but is also applicable in almost any geographical areas, especially those with harsh natural environments or relatively poor infrastructure. The tailor-made IP grade protection get its deployment and user-friendliness even more highlighted. The thoughtful service of "integrated delivery, turn-key operation" can be applied to data center expansion, colocation services and disaster recovery centers among others.

In recent years, containerized data center solutions have become the best choice for the edge computing and disaster-recovery data centers.. Delta has been offering similar data center product services since 2007. It also has the first containerized data center production facility in mainland China with hundreds of customized and standard products sold to customers in Australia, Southeast Asia as well as other areas around the world. The success of the Campana submarine cable landing station data center once again proves Delta's capability fulfilling challenging requirements by applying its containerized data centers.

*PUE: Power Usage Effectiveness