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Delta InfraSuite Power Management
Integrated power distribution for optimal power management

The supply of power is indispensable to datacenter operations. A stable power supply, redundancy, and a reliable power distribution system that protects equipment, achieves high efficiency and saves energy at the same time are primary considerations when setting up or maintaining a datacenter.

Delta’s power management solution is composed of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Power Distribution Unit (PDU), Rack Power Distribution Units (rPDU), Rack-Mount Remote Power Panel and Rack-Mount Static Transfer Switch that provide optimal power distribution and protection for devices inside a rack.

Delta provides clean and stable power for the datacenter to ensure continuous operation in case of power failure while enabling maximum operating efficiency with the lowest cost.


Data Center Management System
Have the entire data center at your fingertips

To keep operations running smoothly, even under adverse conditions, an effective data center management system is indispensable. Without such a solution in place, you are at constant risk of data loss, data corruption, and hardware damage. Delta provides you a complete Data Center Management System Product Portfolio that simplifies the process of monitoring and managing the data center on a single platform.


Delta InfraSuite Cooling
The most reliable and efficient cooling solutions

Power consumption for air conditioning can account for 45% of a data center’s total electricity expenses. Delta’s InfraSuite Cooling is designed with smart cooling technology to effectively solve thermal issues and reduce the electricity required for cooling. It provides the best cooling solution to meet 24 hours × 365 days of continuous operation requirements for a constant temperature and humidity in a critical equipment environment.

Data Center Solutions Offering

InfraSuite Product Categories
Delta Power Management Power Management
Integrated power distribution for optimal power management
Delta precision cooling Cooling
Highly efficient, energy-saving temperature control
Delta Rack and Accessories Rack & Accessories
Smart, modular design for optimizing space utilization
Delta Environment Management System Management System
Have the entire data center at your fingertips
Delta InfraSuite Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions Video
With the increased pace of Internet services in recent years, the demand for data centers has grown rapidly. As the number of data centers grows, so too does the demand for energy. A typical data center consumes 100 times more power than an office of similar size. The capacity to build a data center hardware and software environment that ensures continuously stable operations, while reducing energy consumption, has become an urgent priority.

Aiming to support customers in building green data centers that use less than 75% of the energy consumed by typical current data centers, Delta InfraSuite Data Center Infrastructure Solutions feature modularity, manageability, agility, efficiency and reliability. Its four modules include power management, rack & accessories, cooling, and environment management systems that offer integrated services for data center infrastructure.

In order to assist our customers to quickly and easily grasp what Delta InfraSuite Data Center Infrastructure Solutions are about, the following video has been made available.

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