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Modern data centers have implemented a high-density model, mainly based on blade servers, to increase space utilization and accommodate the rapid expansion of new IT equipment. This model requires a higher power supply density and creates bigger heat dissipation problems, where increased power consumption for air conditioning can account for 45% of total data center electricity expenses. With this in mind, heat dissipation and electricity expenses are important indices against which operational expenditures of the data center can be measured.

As a leading global manufacturer of fans and a specialist in power management, Delta Electronics was perfectly positioned to develop Delta InfraSuite Precision Cooling solutions in order to provide practical, optimized, and innovative methods for data center cooling. Delta InfraSuite Precision Cooling solutions employ either chilled water or direct expansion types to remove the heat produced by the hardware within the data center. Delta provides various cooling solutions, including RowCool chilled water type, RowCool direct expansion type and L series CRAH, to fulfill customers’ diverse requirements. Applicable sectors cover cloud, colocation, telecommunication, semiconductor, precision manufacturing, enterprises, education, and others.

Various design options can also be implemented for optimal solutions. Delta’s comprehensive offerings include hot aisle or cold aisle containment, chilled water temperature setting, free cooling technology, and more. These flexible cooling configurations and designs play an important role for data centers to achieve target PUE for more energy savings.

Delta InfraSuite Precision Cooling, Air-Assisted Liquid Cooling (AALC) 24/76 kW
Air-assisted liquid cooling (AALC) offers a closed-loop liquid solution that needs no raised floors or facility piping, and it boasts high cooling density 2.5 times better than air cooling with minimal (< 3%) power consumption.
Delta InfraSuite Precision Cooling - CoolDoor 30/50kW, Rear Door Heat Exchanger (RDHx)
Delta CoolDoor is the ideal solution for high-power-density racks. With EC fans ensuring reliability and efficiency, it removes heat at the source, preventing hot air in the room. No need for added footprint or raised floor...
Delta InfraSuite RowCool R series 30 kW, direct expansion air
Delta’s R series uses high-efficiency DC inverter compressors and electronically Commuted (EC) Fans. Using Delta’s best fuzzy control mode, the R series is the highly efficient, outstanding direct expansion (DX) type cooling product...
Precision Cooling - RowCool 43kW, Chilled Water
Delta’s RowCool CW offers outstanding performance in high temperature chilled water applications via the optimized design of its heat exchanger. With industry-leading high cooling capabilities...
Precision Cooling - RowCool 70kW / 95kW, Chilled Water
As the power density increases in modern data centers, traditional precision cooling fails to provide complete cooling for the following situations: Load variations for peak and off-peak period, high power density, uneven heat distribution...
Delta InfraSuite Precision Cooling - CRAH L Series 320kW
The Delta CRAH L series is a Packaged Air Handler Unit designed for large data centers, and meeting the needs of modern server rooms for high reliability and energy efficiency...


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