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  • 2014.04.15

    Ultron HPH Series UPS Receives “Product of the Year” Award

    With the most advanced technology among similar power rated products in the industry, the Delta Ultron HPH Series UPS stood out from nearly 10,000 new products and received the “Product of the Year” award at the 2013 Technical Excellence Awards hosted by IT168, a leading IT online media site in China. The Ultron HPH Series was the only UPS product to win the award.

    As one of China's most influential IT online media, IT168 has a unique evaluation system. The 2013 Technical Excellence Award evaluates a range of criteria, such as business achievement, social responsibility, user recognition, and research and development in related areas. IT168 recognized Delta’s Ultron HPH Series UPS for meeting the highest technical standards for its power rating in the industry, and leading the trend for greener and more energy efficient designs.

    The Delta Ultron HPH Series UPS features an overall efficiency of up to 96% (99% in ECO mode,) about 5% more compared to other brands on the market, and can provide higher ROI with greater savings on electricity costs per year. The Ultron HPH Series UPS provides the first fully-rated power factor (PF = 1) output function for small and medium power rated products, with 100% power output guaranteed at any load without derating. It can carry 20% more load than other brands’ models with equivalent power ratings. In addition, the Ultron HPH Series UPS also features excellent flexibility and supports standalone dual-input, parallel redundancy, hot stand-by architectures and can be expanded up to four units in parallel.

    With its superior product performance and leading technology, Delta’s Ultron HPH Series UPS outperformed thousands of products to achieve recognition as UPS “Product of the Year”.

    Ultron HPH Series UPS Receives “Product of the Year” Award