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  • 2014.06.05

    Delta Presents Power Management Solutions for the Era of Big Data at 2014 DatacenterDynamics Converged

    In the era of big data, IT managers will be facing three major challenges: the growth of data, increased data value, and booming costs. With the growth of mobile devices and the cloud, big data continues to be the trend and these challenges are the issues IT managers must face. How to increase the datacenter’s “availability”, “scalability” and “high energy efficiency” are the most critical issues for datacenter managers.

    Delta’s Mission Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) business unit, with its expertise in power and thermo management, showed how to optimize the power management of datacenters and how to tackle datacenter issues in the era of big data at the 2014 DatacenterDynamics Converged, the world’s leading peer-led datacenter conference and expo. Delta received an excellent response from clients at the first event held in Mumbai, India, on May 22nd.

    During the conference, Delta demonstrated how a modularized solution can achieve high availability with a full redundancy design and self-synchronization, how to right-size your datacenter and pay as your business grows, and how to attain high power performance by applying products with leading efficiency.

    Delta received an outstanding response at the Mumbai event, and will be demonstrating more solutions that targets critical issues for datacenters at upcoming DatacenterDynamics Converged events. See the Delta solutions that are right for you in this new era of datacenters at upcoming events in Bangalore, Melbourne, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Frankfurt and Beijing to ensure your datacenter’s future competitiveness.