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  • 2014.04.30

    Innovative e-Surveillance and Integrated Power Efficient Solutions for ATMs

    Why ProTecht

    The ATM operating environment in India is fairly complex and has to address multiple issues. These concerns range from power consumption, housekeeping, cash replenishment and settlement cycles to end-to-end observation and management of the ATM functionality. The requirement of large and multiple vendor ecosystems for monitoring and maintenance to ensure high uptime and availability has been the need of the hour. Mphasis Payment Managed Services has partnered with Delta Power Solutions to develop an all-in-one solution “ProTecht” that addresses these ATM banking needs.

    ProTecht , an innovative e-Surveillance and Power Efficiency solution leverages next-generation technology to enable a sustainable ecosystem for Safe and Green ATM Banking. Based on a single user interface that provides a 360 degree view of an ATM and ATM site, ProTecht

  • Delivers a 360 degree view of an ATM and the ATM site

  • Increases ATM uptime and operational efficiency with proven power efficient solutions

  • Reduces overall energy cost spend at ATM sites by 30%

  • Provides active security threat deterrence with real time video monitoring

  • Engages the local ecosystem to prevent/ reduce security threat

  • Delivers advanced image analytics to reduce manpower dependence

  • Ensures proactive maintenance of ATM hardware and software to ensure higher uptime

  • Introduces intelligent solutions like e-checks for services like Housekeeping

    ATM Security

    ProTecht solution for e-surveillance provides efficient, reliable and economic multi-layered security solutions such as active-deterrence, real-time security monitoring, and a sustainable ecosystem where actions can be initiated and taken immediately in case the crime occurs.

    Now let’s see how exactly ProTecht guard your ATM and ATM site!

  • ProTecht takes over the vigilance of ATM site completely by installation of a Door Sensor, External and Internal Cameras, Beacon Lamp, Hooter, Message Sounder, Panic Switch, Smoke Detector, Temperature Sensor, and an intelligent ProTecht Controller that manages them all

  • In case of detection of any programmed or unauthorized event such as ATM vibration, tampering, entry of restricted number of people etc. is detected an alarm will go off, a warning message is played at the site and alert is sent to the to the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) without delay

  • Advanced Image capturing through serial camera sends video files to the CMS as well as saves a local copy in case of disruption of communication channel

  • The CMS alerts /informs the local authorities/ ecosystem for immediate and timely action

  • ProTecht also comes with a panic switch, which a customer can hit if he feels alarmed for some reason.

  • ProTecht has advanced pre-fed timing controls that can ask it to report each and every individual stepping in to the ATM site at Night Time e.g. between 12 am and 5 am, hours which are prone to such security hazards. During this period, it will click the picture of everyone entering the ATM site and transmit it in real time to the CMS, which makes real time monitoring of these individuals’ actions possible

    ATM Control

    ProTecht not only provides water tight safety for your ATM sites, but goes way beyond to increase uptime and operation efficiency of ATMs. The ATM monitoring system controller works as a data aggregation device and connects with the slave devices available at the site including energy meter, environment sensor, UPS via RS485 ModBus

    It provides with immense business and economic benefits such as

  • 30% Reduction in Energy Consumption through intelligent module that automatically switch on and off of air conditioners and digital signage at the ATM

  • Higher ATM uptime with

    • Proactive maintenance of ATM hardware and software
    • Instant fault detection in devices and quick resolution by assigning issues to the person responsible for fixing the issues
  • Reliable and speedy tool back up of elements such as Hooter, Panic Switch etc. by Delta

    E-checks for services like Housekeeping

    Housekeeping is a critical aspect that has to be monitored and tracked when implementing unguarded ATM sites. Poor housekeeping means compromise to the service quality standards to bank’s customers. ProTecht’s intelligent e-checks for housekeeping captures and analyzes the images of the ATM site at programmed intervals/ duration and compare it with an ideal ‘Clean Site’ image and instantly report discrepancies if any. If the site is found untidy even after the cleaning time has just been reported, it will trigger the alarm and assign the task to the field services team.

    ProTecht Advantages

  • Secured Monitoring is achieved via firewall friendly outgoing communications

  • Advanced 24*7 video surveillance and Advanced Image Analytics from serial cameras

  • Direct two-way communication between CMS and the ATM site

    • Bi-directional and programmable
  • State-of-the-art NOC at Gurgaon

    • Advanced web based services to track, manage and control sites remotely
    • Advanced Controller with remote management, including monitoring the power system, power management and site infrastructure
    • Event based data transmission on real time basis
    • Data transmission by GSM/GPRS modem
    • Notifications will be send thru SMS/ email
    • Network Monitoring & Control by Delta
    • Interactive web menu offers the access to current status, reports of alarm
  • Robust IT Infrastructure

    • ProTecht does not rely on local public networks , which are very slow and vulnerable to security risks, for connectivity to the CMS
    • It comes with a private, high-speed, end-to-end secured network, as a part of its overall IT infrastructure, which enables real-time transmission of critical pan-India ATMs information to the CMS
    • Real- time BCP is available as the solution is delivered from two NOCs - Delta has their own Data Disaster Recovery Centre in their factory at Rudrapur, India. In case of any unforeseen incident, there will be a back-up at Rudrapur plant. Hence, it will not impact the customers
  • Data Accuracy and Reliability

    • Authentication -Security certification for data
    • Advanced Data Filtering
    • Modular - Volume and velocity of the data can be managed or increased
  • Multi-layered true redundancy

  • Advanced Graphical Single User Interface with advanced dashboard and reports

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