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  • 2014.04.01

    Delta Showcases Datacenter Solutions for the Cloud Era at the China Datacenter Industry Conference

    Service commercialization concepts for cloud computing have brought unprecedented opportunities for the data center industry. The China Datacenter Industry Conference 2014, a primary event in the data center industry, was held on March 27, 2014 in Beijing, China. Over 1,000 people participated in the event, including corporate managers, industry experts, representatives of well-known global manufacturers, industry users, and professional media representatives. As a world-leading datacenter solution provider, Delta introduced its datacenter solutions for the cloud computing era at the event. Moreover, Delta’s InfraSuite Datacenter Solution won the award for the 2013-2014 Outstanding Product and Solution for Datacenters.

    In the current information era, governments, corporations, and individual users are optimistic about the endless potential hidden in cloud computing. A worldwide information technology revolution led by cloud computing is in full swing. However, behind the powerful computing capabilities required, an increasing number of servers is increasing the size and power consumption of datacenters, which in turn has led to high energy consumption. In response to the consolidation, convenience, high performance and high availability of the new generation of cloud datacenters, Delta has provided a "Cloud Era" datacenter solution featuring modular architecture which grows as required, and provides energy savings, green efficiency, smart management, and convenient operation.

    Allen Guo, Senior Field Application Engineer from Delta, pointed out that cloud computing is changing the application modes as well as the structure of datacenters. Inside cloud datacenters the high-density deployment of IT devices and dynamic load issues caused by virtualization have brought a series of challenges for power supply and cooling. These are the two priority issues for datacenters pursuing high performance and low power consumption in the cloud computing era.

    As a world leader in power management and cooling management solutions, Delta has chosen the reliable and energy-efficient Delta isolated dual-bus power supply solution for datacenters. In addition to meeting the highest Tier 4 ANSI-TIA-942-2005 standard for datacenters, long-term operation costs have also been effectively reduced.

    Delta’s InfraSuite Datacenter Solutions further enhance the efficiency of the power supply system by choosing energy-efficient components, effective harmonic control, and active energy management. In the design of cooling for cloud computing datacenters, Delta’s InfraSuite Datacenter Solutions apply an advanced precision cooling system, which precisely controls temperature and humidity to maintain optimal conditions in datacenters and reduce energy costs by over 25%.

    Besides power management and cooling technology, Delta is responding to the rapid growth of cloud datacenters by providing integrated modular architecture designs for solutions that can be easily expanded as the datacenter grows. Delta achieves overall monitoring and management of power, energy, cooling and even security through a datacenter infrastructure management system. Unlike traditional datacenters that only monitor the power and environment, Delta’s InfraSuite Datacenter Solution is capable of dynamic energy management. By monitoring the PUE data displayed in each period, it is possible to understand the energy consumption of the devices in datacenters and achieve real-time monitoring and analysis of PUE.

    Using the example of a datacenter that Delta helped set up in the United States for a well-known social network, Allen Guo illustrated how the energy efficiency was improved by 38% and construction costs reduced by 24% after the deployment of Delta's datacenter solution.

    As a leader in green datacenter solutions, Delta has helped companies around the world build green datacenters by providing reliable solutions, reducing operating costs and saving energy. The superior product performance and the environmental protection concept of the Delta InfraSuite data center solution won wide praise from the industry at this conference. It was the only datacenter solution to win the “2013–2014 Outstanding Product and Solution for Datacenters award.”

    Delta Showcases Datacenter Solutions for the Cloud Era at the China Datacenter Industry Conference