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  • Program Certification

    For Delta a certificate is not just a decoration on the wall. Our certificates provide recognition for our partners. Certified partners receive an official registration number and are permitted to use this number and our logo for their marketing and promotion activities. In return, we request that our partners renew their certificates annually.

    The certification requirements for a first-time certification of a new partner are:

    Authorized Service Partner Level 1

    • Completion of Entry Level
    • Participation in Basic Partner Training 
    • Successful completion of Online Test 
    • Training Certificate for Onsite Safety

    Authorized Service Partner Level 2

    • ASP Level 1 Certification or similar qualification
    • Successful completion of Timed Hands On Test
    • Successful completion of Online Test

    Authorized Repair Centers

    • Participation in Basic Partner Training
    • Successful completion of Practical Repair Exercise
    • Successful completion of Online Test

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