RowCool 43 kW, Chilled Water Cooling


High Availability
Supports dual power feed input and is suitable for any tier level of power reliability architectures.
Thanks to the inherent redundancy design of the fan system, other fans automatically increase fan speeds to make up for the required airflow if one of the fans malfunctions.
1+1 redundant design of the power modules increases reliability.
Hot-swappable power module and fan design allows replacement without the need of a power shut down while malfunctioning.
The smart group control function is equipped with rotation, back up, competition free, and soft start functions.
Comprehensive operation monitoring such as chilled water flow and leakage detection allows full control of machine operations and the ability to take necessary troubleshooting measures in real-time.
High Flexibility
Top or bottom piping and wiring options are available to satisfy the pipeline design needs for different data center requirements.
Multiple communication interfaces satisfy the surveillance and communication needs of a variety of data centers.
High efficiency filter (MERV 8) or washable filters (MERV 1) are available for users to choose according to their needs.
Equipped with casters for easy movement and positioning during installation without the need for additional handling tools.
High Efficiency
Optimized for high temperature chilled water applications, the heat exchanger design increases the overall efficiency of precision cooling systems.
The Electronically Commuted (EC) Fans design provides variable fan speed control for optimal speeds in real-time according to load changes, avoiding unnecessary power waste.
Closely couples to IT heat loads and quickly adapts to load changes for direct and effective heat removal.

Product available regions:

North America South America


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