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  • CoolDoor 30/50 kW, Rear Door Cooling


    The Delta CoolDoor is a rear door cooling unit with EC fans designed for high power density racks and offering high reliability and energy efficiency. Combined with Delta’s CDU or chiller, CoolDoor removes heat at its source without hot air going into the room. CoolDoor is compatible with various racks through its connect duct. It doesn't need an added footprint and raised floor to save valuable space and reduce the CAPEX of your data center. CoolDoor features a turbo boost function that helps to dissipate heat from an adjacent rack that may have issues. It is also equipped with a leakage detection function that provides an alarm notification to the user or automatically shuts down the water supply when a leakage is detected.

    Delta is pleased to customize your CoolDoor units to provide the optimal products for your data center. 

    CoolDoor and Rack

    Product available regions:
    North America South America


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