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  • 2010.10.04

    Delta launches new UPS in South America

    Delta Brazil, a Delta Group subsidiary responsible for UPS sales in South America, has launched two new UPS series, Modulon NH Plus and Amplon RT, simultaneously in Brazil and Argentina. Delta’s UPS team organized launch events targeted at potential customers and sales partners. The events were held in August in the cities of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, and they attracted 220 participants.

    Hewton Seiji, Delta CEO for South America, opened the event in Sao Paulo by thanking everyone for their presence and talking about the great upcoming opportunities in the Brazilian market. In his product presentation, Alexandre Sayar, UPS Sales Director, demonstrated the advantages of the new Delta UPS series RT and NH Plus, also highlighting the eco-friendly aspects of Delta’s products. In Buenos Aires, Regional Sales Manager Hugo Fernandez presented the new solutions to Argentinean customers and emphasized Delta’s leading UPS technology.

    After the presentations, participants were invited to a cocktail party where they could chat with representatives of Delta sales teams in a casual setting. The event was an excellent opportunity for networking between Delta and its customers, and for strengthening Delta’s role as a major player in the global UPS market.