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  • 2010.07.07

    A new training and certification program for Delta’s UPS partners

    Delta’s new standardized training and audit process ensures consistent high-quality service around the world. Since the beginning of July 2010, our partners have undergone a registration and authorization process in order to become certified Delta UPS providers. This helps partners grow their business with improved product knowledge and customer service. The concrete benefits include a technical support helpline, FAE support, membership in the spare part supply chain, TN real-time notifications and, naturally, marketing support.

    “Training is one of the key services related to our UPS products, and we want to be able to provide consistent training all around the world. Our overriding goal is to provide our end customers with the best possible service experience and support. Our slogan, Your Passport to Market Success, sums this up,” said Wolfgang L. Klampfer, Delta’s Global Training Manager.

    In practice, the training concept will be launched in Q3/2010. For more information, please contact your nearest sales office or Mr. Wolfgang L. Klampfer at wolfgang.klampfer(at)