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  • 2016.10.31

    Modular data centers — Delta’s Mission Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) impresses customers at Datacenter Day in Würzburg

    The future belongs to data centers. In this era of digitization, they are an essential component of successful business models. The internet of things (IoT) demands that data centers process more data, faster, from an ever increasing number of devices ranging from connected cars to smart homes. It’s a world of big data, edge computing, and fog computing. But how are data centers changing, and what requirements will they need to fulfill in the future?

    At Datacenter Day in Würzburg on October 25th, key industry experts met to exchange information about where things are headed, such as what are the current trends and strategies for successfully planning and operating a data center and which ones are viable options. Delta’s MCIS was able to offer key insights.

    During her presentation “Current Requirements for Future-Proof Data Center Planning,” Astrid Hennevogl-Kaulhausen, head of MCIS /UPS sales Germany, answered many of the questions about the data center of tomorrow. She made clear that the need for large data centers for cloud computing will in the future shift toward small, scalable units capable of quickly meeting new demands. Flexibility and scalability will become core criteria alongside energy efficiency. For operators of huge data centers, high electricity prices in Germany are increasingly becoming an obstacle. Energy-efficient data centers that can be scaled as needed can, however, help keep these costs in check.

    “Even though we are a well-established company, we are still perceived as a new player in the data center market. Most people know us first and foremost as a provider of switched-mode power supply units,” said Hennevogl-Kaulhausen. “Our rapidly scalable, energy-efficient modular data center — that’s available from a single source — is, however, right at the cutting edge of recent developments.” The audience confirmed this stance through numerous positive comments on the presentation. Good conversations and a host of interesting new contacts and follow-up appointments made this event a complete success in every respect for Delta.

    “I would like to thank the event organizer for this outstanding event. There was a very useful matching tool that was perfect for structured advance scheduling as well as a high-quality, informative program that included exciting presentations, yet still left enough time for spontaneous conversations. And we could not have hoped for better attendees. It’s no surprise that Datacenter Day has turned into one of the leading industry events,” praised Hennevogl-Kaulhausen.

    For more information on modular data centers, please click here.


     Delta’s Mission Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) impresses customers at Datacenter Day in Würzburg


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