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  • 2020.05.19

    Delta Thailand provides guidance to hospital facility management on COVID-19 related power protection

    Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. provides timely guidance for hospital facility management nationwide who purchase its power protection solutions for critical equipment. Delta’s Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) solutions are offering power security to support the work of Thailand’s COVID-19 frontline medical personnel.

    The COVID-19 public health crisis has the potential to stretch the capabilities of hospitals, putting medical professionals and patients at risk. It is vital that hospital directors and facility managers maintain an ongoing dialog with experts about current needs and plan for worst case scenarios.

    Mr. Curtis Ku, Delta's Regional Business Senior Director, suggested hospital management consider securing power as a top priority in their COVID-19 contingencies over the next nine to 12 months. Some guidelines for choosing UPS solutions include assessing safety standards and certifications, equipment quality and basic parameters for hospital UPS solutions.

    “It’s vital that hospitals plan for worst case COVID-19 scenarios regarding power needs throughout 2020,” Mr. Ku said. “An important part of this involves hospital management assessing and preparing their backup systems for a sudden spike in power needs and major power issues including brownouts.”

    According to Mr. Sakda Sae-Ueng, Delta Thailand Communications & Information Solutions Regional Director, the three most important parameters for hospitals to look out for when choosing a UPS are: 

    1. Output power and output power factor.
    2. The UPS product safety standard.
    3. Battery quality standard and choosing the right battery type for the UPS application.

    Mr. Sakda advises hospital decision-makers to confirm UPS product’s installation standard, which specifies important factors such as the sizing of cables and the circuit breaker. System integrators may use lower grade, smaller size or even improper materials for installation to cut costs. All medical UPS products must comply with international safety standards such as IEC62040 and or Thailand’s TISI1291.

    “Choosing a low quality UPS puts hospitals at greater risk of fire. Most UPS fires happen when the attached battery catches fire. To prevent this, decision-makers must be careful to choose UPS solutions with the proper fuse type and protection breaker,” Mr. Sakda said. 

    Since 2018, Delta installed UPS solutions at over 50 hospitals around Thailand, including the Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute, a key hospital in Thailand’s COVID-19 defense. Delta UPS solutions guarantee continuous operations and long lifespan for critical hospital equipment and facilities including computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan machines, Cath labs, X-ray rooms, emergency rooms (ER), hospital data centers and various general and specialized facilities. 

    To meet the wide range of applications and specific requirements at hospitals, Delta has a portfolio of single and three-phase UPSs with true online double conversion technology in three product series based on load type. The three product series installed in hospitals around Thailand are:

    • Amplon Family, single-phase UPS (1-10kVA): This UPS series has best-in-class size, efficiency, and flexibility and provides consistent pure sine-wave power to critical equipment. It supports personal computers, networks, servers, VoIP and healthcare. The Amplon UPS family features an output power factor up to 1.0 and excellent ACAC efficiency up to 94% for greater energy savings.

    • Ultron Family, three-phase UPS (10-600 kVA): An innovative UPS solution for small and medium size data centers and mission critical applications. Its design incorporates low iTHD (<3%), 96% AC-AC and 99% ECO mode energy efficiency for increased Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings. It has fully-rated power (kVa=kW) without de-rating and offers leading AC-AC efficiency that doesn’t sacrifice any available power requirements.

    • Modulon Family, modular three-phase UPS (20-600kVA): A UPS solution achieving industry-leading power density of 20/25/50kW per module, which means an ultra-small footprint for ideal space utilization. This UPS is the ideal modular power protection for MW data centers to achieve total cost of ownership (TCO) optimization. It provides the answer to customers' who demand high power density, high power performance and ultimate availability.

    Delta’s uncompromising mission to always keep the power on for our customers offers peace of mind and instills confidence in the company’s broad portfolio of UPS and data center solutions. By offering high-efficiency solutions, Delta fulfills customer demand for reduced TCO and offers full protection to users, delivering on the company’s brand promise: Smarter. Greener. Together.

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