Delta MCIS India Supports the Power Supply of Simulators used in the Leading Aviation Training Center

As a trusted partner to the Flight Simulation Technique Centre (FSTC) India Pvt Ltd., Delta MCIS India is providing highly reliable UPSs to protect aviation training center simulators. Based in Gurgaon, FSTC is India’s premier professional aviation training company. The company provides more than one million hours of training each year to pilots, technicians and other aviation professionals from all across India. Professionals are given hands-on training in modern Full Flight simulators, which feature the latest technology in aircraft fidelity and precisely replicate aircraft flight conditions. Each simulator is worth US$ 9.7 million. A Delta competitor installed a 75kVA UPS system in one of the simulators, but the system failed drastically and damaged this expensive machinery.

To provide backup power to such delicate machinery, Delta conducted a load study and proposed the Ultron NT 260kVA UPS for this application. Instead of proposing a transformer-less UPS, Delta suggested a transformer based system due to repetitive heavy jolting loads. The systems are installed in two simulators and are performing flawlessly. We are proud to say that Delta’s Ultron NT UPSs are the power behind this advanced and expensive equipment.

Our UPS not only provides the ultimate protection for the simulators, but it also helps to lower the total cost of ownership for the client. After the failure of the competing system, the simulators were run on diesel generators to avoid any power failure. With the installation of Delta’s Ultron NT, the simulators are backed by reliable and robust UPS systems, and have reduced their capital expenditures (CAPEX) tremendously.

FSTC is planning on four more simulators next year, and they are currently increasing the scope of expansion with Delta. It’s a breakthrough for Delta for this unique application and we’re looking forward to becoming the power behind the competitiveness of this mission critical industry.