Delta Builds Green Datacenter for National United University

According to IDC research, energy consumption of datacenter air conditioning is currently one of the major issues facing IT infrastructure and facilities design. Air conditioning typically makes up about 45% of total energy consumption by datacenters. Hence, identifying efficient air conditioning solutions to achieve goals of energy savings and carbon reduction remains a critical challenge in datacenter construction.
National United University (NUU) is located in central Taiwan and has an enrollment of over 8,000 students. It is an integrated university that focuses on both education as well as research. Three campuses occupying a total area of 120 hectares have been planned. NUU hopes to become a green university and a model of educational institution for greenhouse gas reduction. In order to comply with government energy reduction policies and establish a role model of green datacenter in universities, NUU has decided to collaborate with Delta to construct an all-new data center in the 6th floor of the Library Building in Campus 2. The objective is to achieve a significant improvement over the existing average power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 2.99 (as measured by the Ministry of Education for a selected number of national universities) and reach an average PUE of 1.6, bringing it closer to the gold-level rating of 1.43.

The NUU datacenter includes a main server room, colocation room, security facilities for 8 computer classrooms, data facilities control system for the entire campus, and a fiber-optics Internet backbone. Delta’s energy-efficient InfraSuite Datacenter Solutions act as the guardian to these critical facilities. The entire Delta datacenter solutions include:

Hot and cold aisles of the previous datacenter in NUU were not well separated, resulting in serious hot and cold air mixing and unstable incoming air temperature for the server racks. This resulted in numerous issues of equipment overheating and shutdown as well as excessive energy consumption by the cooling system. The new datacenter improved cooling efficiency by hot and cold aisle separation and eliminated the problem of air mixing. Delta RowCool solutions have also been installed between the server racks for effective cooling by directing cold air towards heat sources and reduce power wastage. Delta’s modular server racks design also included high perforation rate over 70% to optimize heat dissipation. Additionally, Delta RowCool are designed with continuously variable fan speed control which can automatically adjust fan speed according to the load percentage, providing yet another aspect of PUE optimization for the NUU datacenter.

Delta InfraSuite Datacenter Solutions is the powerful driving force that made NUU’s green datacenter possible, helping the University achieve the government requirement of energy savings and carbon reduction. Delta once again proves itself as the best partner for providing green datacenter solutions to educational institutions in the country.