UPS Amplon Family 1kVA or higher
Single-Phase UPS
Delta UPS Amplon Family
UPS Ultron Family 10kVA or higher
Three-Phase On-Line UPS
Delta UPS Ultron Family
UPS Modulon Family 20kVA or higher
Modular UPS
Delta UPS Modulon Family
UPS Agilon Family Under 1.5kVA or higher
Single-Phase UPS
Delta UPS Agilon Family

Mini SNMP IPv6 Card

Functions & Features

Available Protocols
SNMPv1, v2c and v3 supported; accepts NMS monitoring as well as actively sends trap packets to target hosts; support IPv4 and IPv6 TCP/IP protocol
Web monitor and set up through network browser with built-in web server
Remote authentication: LDAP, 802.1x
Others telnet, SSH, FTP, SFTP, BOOTP, DHCP, SMTP, SNTP, WOL, Syslog
MIB supports RFC1628 and Delta proprietary UPSv4 and UPSv5 MIB
Scheduling: perform planned UPS power on & off and battery testing
Regular power on & off: can set up UPS power on and off time
Regular battery discharging testing
Smart shutdown: can send power off signal to connected host actively if the host computer has the ShutdownAgent installed
Optional environment probe can integrate ambient temperature and humidity with 4 additional digital inputs for total cabinet monitoring
Event Log Recording and Export
Event sequence and UPS parameter data recording
Complies with ICS Security Standards
IEC 62443-4-1 Secure product development lifecycle requirements
IEC 62443-4-2 Technical security requirements for industrial automation and control system components
Product available regions:
North America Latin America


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