• Small Size, Smart Design - Versatile, ultra-compact UPS up to 20kVA - Delta RT Series 1-20 kVA UPS
  • RT Series UPS, Single Phase, 5/6/8/10 kVA, 208 V


    A total solution for reliable power with high availability and performance

    The Amplon RT Series 5-10kVA is an online double-conversion UPS that provides an output power factor of up to unity to enable the maximum capacity for more critical loads. Outstanding energy savings can be achieved based on an AC-AC efficiency of up to 95.5% and 98.5% in ECO mode. The Amplon RT Series 5-10kVA offers a total solution with the Standard Runtime models including an in-built battery, power distribution box and maintenance bypass breaker. It provides a complete and practical package that can be used on the critical loads right away. This series offers advanced performance for various applications such as servers, data centers, network, VoIP and telecommunication. The parallel capacity of up to four units enables higher reliability for mission critical applications.

    RT Series UPS, Single Phase, 5/6/8/10 kVA, 208V - User-friendly LCD Panel



    new RT series UPS - Applications




    Product available regions:

    North America Latin America
    (5–20 kVA)


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