• Delta UPS - RT Series, Single Phase, 1/1.5/2/3 kVA, 120V
  • RT Series UPS, Single Phase, 1/1.5/2/3 kVA, 120 V


    Product available regions:
    North America South America


    Availability & Flexibility
    True online double-conversion topology and zero transfer time to battery provides 24/7 full-time protection
    AC-start function allows the UPS to be switched on without connecting to a battery
    Automatic fan speed control significantly reduces audible noise, and maximizes system efficiency
    Fan failure detection sends early warnings to facilitate predictive maintenance of UPS
    Hot swappable batteries ensure continuous operation even when batteries are being replaced.
    External Battery Cabinet (EBC) are optional for scalable runtime
    Programmable load bank disconnects non-critical loads when a blackout occurs and reserves more battery power for critical loads
    Compact 2U design with convertible rack and tower configuration for flexbile deployment
    Intelligent battery management to extend battery life and maximize battery performance.
    The battery aging detection monitors battery status for predictive maintenance, and the 3-stage charging mechanism keeps the battery from continuous float charging during the intermission stage to prolong battery life.
    Excellent local management through a user-friendly graphical and multi-lingual LCD display
    Various types of communication interfaces, such as REPO/ROO for remote management, and in-built dry contacts for monitoring and notification of system operation conditions
    Low Total Cost of Ownership
    Output power factor up to 0.9 to provide more real power to critical loads
    High AC-AC efficiency of up to 93% and 98.5% in ECO mode lowers energy costs
    Wide input voltage range and protection against over voltage prolongs battery life
    Automatic fan speed control maximizes system efficiency, significantly reduces audible noise, and prolongs battery life
    The Maintenance Bypass Breaker (MBB) is optional for easy UPS replacement without powering down critical systems
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