Delta’s UPS Solutions Protect the Product Lines of Leading Spanish Manufacturer Peronda

Peronda, a leading Spanish ceramic tiles manufacturer, has chosen Delta’s high-efficiency Ultron DPS series Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to protect their mission critical applications. The installation of the Delta UPS improved the current performance from 90% to 96% and its patented three-phase PFC system greatly reduced input harmonic distortion (iTHD), helping lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for the customer with a payback of less than two years due to energy efficiency.

The UPS protects the furnaces and the ceramics production line in the plant. The furnaces must work 24/365. In the event of a power blackout, the ceramic manufacturing process could come to a halt and result in high costs due to production losses, furnace maintenance, and wasted labor hours. To Peronda, the implementation of a reliable and efficient power backup solution was a critical task for preventing waste of materials and labor hours while maintaining targeted production output.

The project was settled after comparing three installed 200 kVA UPSs with Delta’s Ultron DPS 200 kVA UPS using real measurements from Peronda’s facilities. As a result, Delta’s DPS series UPS was selected because of its technical characteristics, such as wide input range, which fit the requirements of the manufacturing environment. It is also worth noting that six of Delta’s Ultron HPH 30 kVA UPS were installed to protect the printers that decorate the ceramic.

Finally, for this leading manufacturer of ceramics, both the Ultron DPS and the Ultron HPH series backup power solutions were a success. Without additional hardware, the Ultron DPS and HPH Series UPSs offer a flexible and convenient way to expand total output power to fulfil business growth.

Delta’s UPS Solutions Protect the Product Lines of Leading Spanish Manufacturer Peronda