Delta UPS selected by major electronics manufacturer in Guangdong China

The reputable Delta Ultron NT series industrial UPS has received high praises among the manufacturing industry once again. The UPS series was successfully implemented by Truly Opto-electronics Ltd., a major electronics manufacturer, to provide reliable power protection for their high performance production line that permits no less than 10-min. delays. The successful cooperation between Delta and Truly once again demonstrated the advantages and superior performance of Delta UPS products in the manufacturing industry.

The Delta Ultron NT series UPS adopts an advanced IGBT high-frequency switching sPWM design, providing the UPS system with advantages including quality power supply, high efficiency, low heat loss, low noise, reduced size, and extended lifetime. Moreover, a modular design reduces average maintenance time (MTTR), as well as its digitized design through microprocessors simplifies the analog circuitry and substantially reduces system components, thus improving the safety and reliability of the Ultron NT series UPS systems.

Delta NT series UPS