Busway System - BL Series, 400-6400 A


Waterproof, Dustproof

Delta’s Cast Resin Busway system implements an integrated, formed design, with the conductors fully sealed in an epoxy composite during casting. Thanks to the outstanding binding and sealing properties of epoxy materials, the cast busways are highly waterproof.

Ideal for demanding weather conditions and rugged operating environments, such as:

  • Outdoors, pipe, AC plant rooms, and other spaces where condensate tends to form
  • Locations with many fire-fighting hoses, water piping and chemical ducts
  • Resistant to salt corrosion, high humidity environment

Fire resistance:
IEC60331 750oC 3hrs
CNS12514 840oC 30mins

Delta’s busways are certified as fire resistance with industrial IEC standard, and conform to the latest fire control regulations. In case of fire, the busways can ensure a continuous emergency power supply to prevent injuries and/or facility damage, and would play an important role in electrical safety.

Shock-proof: 0.8g

Shock-proof rating >0.4g = Magnitude 7.
Shock-proof tests have been performed with simulated reallife building construction, including steel structures, horizontal busways, vertical busways, busway elbows, plug-in units,
hangers, spring hangers and more, to ensure all components are resistant to shock.

Explosion-proof: Exm Ⅱ CNS3376/IEC60079

Ideal for use in a demanding environments with a risk of explosion, such as compressed natural gas filling stations, oil refineries, offshore platforms, wind farms, tunnels, mines, and others.

Impact-proof: IK10

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