Busway System - BL Series, 400-6400 A


Key Specifications and Functions
Copper 600A ~ 6400A, Aluminum 400A ~ 5000A
Rated voltage up to 1000V.
Operating ambient temperature -20oC ~50oC, daily average up to 35oC, altitude up to 2,000 meters.
Model 3P3W or 3P4W, 50%G or 100%G.
IP68 at busway feeder section, IP54 at plug-in section.
Modular design, easy disassembling and reassembling, and highly expandable.
Integrated cast resin block, with detachable bridge-type joints.
Easy installation, effective foolproof design to prevent installation errors.
Design and Standards
IEC60439-2, IEC61439, IEC60529, IEC60331, IEC60332
JIS C8364, JIS A1304, JIS H3140
GB7251.1,GB7251.2, ANSI/UL857,NEMA BU-1
Innovative Energy-saving Materials

Normal busways have high power-consuming resistors in conductors, leading to expensive electricity bills. Delta’s Busway uses state-of-the-art technology to not only cut electricity costs, but also effectively reduce electromagnetic interference, preventing damage to precision equipment.

CoAlly Technology:
Conductors are set to the optimum low-resistance state to reduce energy consumption as well as carbon footprints, while contributing to environmental protection and low power costs.
SiShield Technology:
With a low-impedance electrolytic copper plate, the conductor has optimum low resistance, effectively reducing loss and voltage drops. In addition, the internally coated composite significantly mitigates electromagnetic interference to protect precision equipment.
Flexible and Cost-saving
Delta’s Cast Resin Busway system is only 60% of the size of traditional sandwich busways, and 30% of the size of traditional electrical cable wiring.
The busway joint is constructed as moving connecting modules, easy to assemble, disassemble, expand, and reuse when changing layout.
The plug-in unit works with MCCB from major manufacturers allowing live line operations at anytime to change loads without cutting off power and saving both time and money.
Maintenance-free throughout its service life, reducing OPEX.
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