• Control and monitoring

    A power system controller monitors and controls the entire system and site power infrastructure, maximizes battery life, supports energy saving, and informs the operator of maintenance needs.

    Delta’s controllers are the brains of the power system, creating significant savings in both operational and capital expenditure. Cumulative cost savings from generator downsizing and remote monitoring possibilities can also be substantial. Delta’s controllers deliver all the benefits that modern technology can offer.
    ORION controller is the solution for any system, from small to very large, thanks to easy expandability with CAN bus communication and a range of front-end modules. Enhanced functions, such as efficiency mode and genset fuel saving, enable...
    Telecom Power Solutions - Controllers - CSU 502
    Suitable for Delta’s CellD shelf and OutD outdoor systems. A USB port provides a user-friendly interface for local communications together with Delta’s RMS software. Monitoring system availability is made easy by advanced battery management...