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  • 2013.11.07

    Delta’s Ultron HPH series UPS was honored with silver award at the China International Industry Fair

    On November 7, Delta’s brand-new Ultron HPH series UPS, which was introduced to the market by Delta earlier this year, was honored with Silver Award in the 2013 China International Industry Fair (CIIF). The organizing committee commended the series as “a new technology and product line of the global hi-tech industry which meets the advanced international standards”. Mr. Donald Yu, General Manager of Delta Greentech (China) Co., Ltd., accepted the award at Delta’s Booth.

    The China International Industry Fair is a key event where the latest technologies and products in the field of global equipment manufacturing and information technology are presented. It is also an important stage for the initiation of economic and technological cooperation, exchange, and transactions between Chinese and foreign enterprises. It is the only fair in China which has been granted the capacity authority to hand out awards by the State Council. This year’s fair featured over 1800 exhibitors, however, only 40 products were honored with awards (a total of four gold and ten silver awards were handed out). The fact that the Delta Ultron HPH series UPS received this special recognition demonstrates that Delta is a leader in the field of global power and thermal management solutions.

    The Delta Ultron HPH series UPS features a 20/30/40kW power rating and is ideally suited for small datacenters. It therefore caught the attention of industrial users during the fair. The most innovative Delta technologies were adopted for the design of the Ultron HPH. It is compatible with the latest generation of information technology facilities and satisfies the demand for higher power capacity in limited spaces. The Ultron HPH features full power rating unity power factor (power factor=1, kVA=kW), which ensures maximum power availability. The device has an overall efficiency of 96% (99% in ECO mode) with an input power factor of > 0.99 and low input harmonic distortion interference (iTHD < 3%). It has a better efficiency power performance than any other comparable products on the market in addition to features such as guaranteed reliability, greater flexibility, and simple management. This product helps UPS users to lower energy costs generated by business growth.

    At the same time, the Delta Ultron HPH series UPS also has a wide input voltage range of -40% to + 20% which can fulfill the application in the harsh environment and provides a stable power supply for all loads. Other features which guarantee system reliability include DSP - based technology (data signal processing) and a lower number of electronic components, which in turn reduces the malfunction rate. The fail-safe design of the control mechanism effectively eliminates single points of failure. The Ultron HPH also provides built-in manual bypass to guarantee an uninterrupted power supply for all loads during maintenance. These design features guarantee the maximum reliability of the Ultron HPH series UPS.

    In addition, the Ultron HPH series UPS supports N+X redundancy, parallel expansion and hot stand-by. It supports a maximum of four parallel connections providing optimal flexibility. The inbuilt of the latest Delta UPS management software (UPSentry 2012 and ShutdownAgent 2012) allows users to remote monitor and manages the UPS via network interface.

    With all the above-mentioned superior product performance and technologies and performance, the Delta Ultron HPH series UPS stood out from the competing products at the 2013 China International Industrial Fair and was therefore honored with the Silver Award. This represents an affirmation of Delta’s efforts and its leadership in the field of power management. Moving forward, Delta will continue the effort of providing Eco-friendly and energy-saving products, and employ its core capabilities in the field of power management to integrate global resources and R&D capabilities.


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