• Delta Power Quality Solutions - Active Harmonic (Power) Filter
  • Active Harmonic (Power) Filter

    Technical Specifications

    Rated Voltage
    AC 400V, AC 690V
    Electrical Specification
    Input Voltage Range
    AC 400V : AC 308V~480V
    AC 690V : AC 432V~880V
    Electric Connection
    AC 400V : 3P3W/3P4W
    AC 690V : 3P3W
    Rated Frequency
    50Hz (60Hz) +/- 10%
    Input Voltage THD Range
    Rated Current per Module
    AC 400V : 50Amp, 75Amp, 100Amp
    AC 690V : 100Amp
    Rated Current per Cabinet
    AC 400V : 50~525Amp (module combination)
    AC 690V : 100~500Amp (module combination)
    Each module is an independent filtering system
    Harmonic Elimination Range
    AC 400V : 2rd ~ 50th order (Selectable)
    AC 690V : 2rd ~ 31st order (Selectable)
    Harmonic Filtering Degree
    0 ~ 100% programmable per harmonic in Ampere value
    Harmonic Filtering Performance
    Filter up to 98% harmonics at rated load, THDv<3%, THDi<5% after filtering
    Reactive Power Compensation Capability
    Both inductive and capacitive reactive power
    Reactive Power Compensation Performance
    PF≥0.99 after compensation (if the APF capacity is sufficient)
    Imbalance Correction Capability
    AC 400V : Mitigate negative and zero sequence
    AC 690V : Mitigate negative sequence
    Full Response time
    Instant Response time
    Thermal Loss
    ≤3% of APF rated capacity (kVA)
    Output Current Limitation
    Automatic (100% rated capacity)
    Parallel Expansion(System)
    AC 400V : Up to 10 Racks(7 modules per cabinet)
    AC 690V : Up to 10 Racks(5 modules per cabinet)
    >100,000 hours
    Control Technology
    Switching Frequency
    AC 400V - 50A, 75A : 60kHz
    AC 400V - 100A : 30kHz
    AC 690A : 20kHz
    DSP control
    Modbus Protocol, RS232/485
    PQC Monitor Software (Optional)
    Physical Specification
    IP Grade of Cabinet
    IP20, IP30 or customization
    Cooling method
    Intelligent forced air cooling
    Noise Level
    AC 400V : < 65dB(A) @1m (Module)
    AC 690V : < 70dB(A) @1m (Module)
    Dust Filter
    Refer to APF Model table
    Refer to APF Model table
    Environmental Requirement
    Ambient Temperature
    -10~50 ℃
    Relative Humidity
    ≤ 1000m Rated Capacity,
    1000-2000m (derating 1% per 100m)
    * All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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