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  • Qualification Levels

    Our customers have a wide range of service needs. Spare parts supply, onsite and offsite repair, service hotlines, maintenance contracts – our service network needs to be flexible to cater to the needs of our customers. This is also reflected in our Authorized Partner programs, which provide three different qualification levels:

    Authorized Service Partner Level 1 (ASP L1)
    Level 1 ASPs are trained specialists for installation and commissioning of our UPS products. They are also prepared for first-aid troubleshooting and systematic approaches for problem handling. ASP L1 engineers are typically the first engineers onsite to take care of the immediate service needs of the customer.

    Authorized Service Partner Level 2 (ASP L2)
    Level 2 ASPs are trained to perform board-level repair of our UPS systems as well as systematic root cause analyses to locate the source of an error and restore UPS functionality. ASP L2 engineers are the service specialists that serve the more complex service needs of customers.

    Authorized Repair Center (ARC)
    ARCs are local repair centers for board-level repair of our UPS systems. When board-level repair onsite is not feasible or practical, the ASP may choose to send a unit or module of a UPS to an ARC for offsite repair. 

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