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    For all levels of partnership we offer specialized training programs. The illustration below shows an overview of the programs and their relation to each other.

    The “Entry Level” and “Basic Partner Training” modules have to be completed by all Authorized Partners. After that the partner can choose the path to become an Authorized Service Partner or an Authorized Repair Center. Here are some details about each program step:

    Entry Level
    Partners become familiar with Delta Electronics and Delta UPS products. The programs familiarize partners with products, markets and applications. All sessions are offsite learning sessions (e-learning, online meetings, etc.)

    Basic Partner Training
    The first level of classroom training trains the partners on installation, commissioning and first-aid troubleshooting of Delta UPS products. The partners can decide on which product group they want to be trained by selecting one or more of the product sessions.

    Authorized Service Partner Level 1 (ASP L1)
    Partners simply have to pass an online test and fulfill all other certification criteria to become ASP L1 certified partners.

    Authorized Service Partner Level 2 (ASP L2)
    The next level of ASP training provides additional intensive classroom training for partners. To become competent in the board-level repair of our UPS products, partners are trained on systematic root cause analysis and measurement technologies. Again, the partner can choose their product specialization.

    Authorized Repair Center
    In classroom and laboratory training partners are trained on common measurement and repair skills. They then perform repair exercises for each product group and become board-level specialists for each group.

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