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  • 2023.06.01

    Delta Unveils the “Intelligent Sustainable Connecting Hub” at COMPUTEX 2023 to Echo Our New Brand Value Proposition of "Realizing an Intelligent, Sustainable, and Connecting World."

    Get ready for the unveiling of Delta's groundbreaking "Intelligent Sustainable Connecting Hub" at COMPUTEX 2023! This year's theme echoes our new brand value proposition of "Realizing an Intelligent, Sustainable, and Connecting World."

    Our booth design features an intelligent Operation Center with a multi-functional management platform, empowering companies to manage critical operations such as carbon emissions inventory and renewable power matching. And that's not all -- we're showcasing our latest innovations, including VORTEX, the cloud-based video surveillance as a service (VSaaS), smart microgrid-supported EV charging infrastructure, and energy-efficient data center solution. These cutting-edge solutions seamlessly integrate to ensure sustainable development across various sectors. 

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