Delta has launched a new Web service

Delta has launched a new Web service for telecom power and UPS solutions to better respond to customers’ needs.

“With the update we can now better showcase our acclaimed product lineup. We have created an easy-to-use service where customers can quickly locate all the information they need,” said Corporate Senior Vice President and General Manager of Energy Solutions Business Group Albert Chang, managing both telecom power and UPS. “The basis for the new Web service has been our customers’ feedback. For easy access to company information we have linked the product site to Delta Group’s internet pages.”

“In addition to comprehensive product information, the site now has dedicated sections for sustainable development and total energy efficiency. This is important to us as Delta puts a lot of efforts on environmental issues. In our telecom power system designs, for example, we pay attention not only to efficiency of modules but to system-level energy efficiency, material consumption, transportation, the need for maintenance visits, fuel consumption and cooling solutions”, said Kirsi Juntunen, Marketing Manager.

“We hope that our customers will find the new site very useful, but we’ll also be happy to receive any feedback on the service for further development.”