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USV-Ultron-Familie 10 kVA und höher 
Delta-USV - Ultron-Familie
USV-Modulon-Familie 20 kVA oder höher
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Delta-USV - Modulon-Familie

Uninterruptible Power Supply, Modulon NH Plus


As enterprise requirements for availability increase, the need for fault-tolerant power supply systems for data centers continues to grow. A fault-tolerant system is achieved through the redundancy of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), which maintain power continuity in the
event of a failure. UPSs ensure normal power output if an outage occurs, while providing clean and stable power to servers, storage and other equipment.

The NH Plus series is Delta Electronics’ latest smart, faulttolerant UPS.

The advantages and value the NH Plus series provides users include:



Mean time to repair (MTTR) close to zero 
Scalable as your enterprise grows 
N+X redundancy 
Integrated monitoring and management 
High efficiency and energy-saving



Fast maintenance time 
Most economical investment strategy 
High system reliability 
Comprehensive management and control 
Good total cost of ownership
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