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  • 2015.09.12

    Delta Showcases Power Electronics Solutions at Ineltec

    From September 8-11, 17,000 visitors and 260 exhibitors gathered at Messe Basel for Ineltec—the leading exhibition for Electrical Engineering and Building Automation in Switzerland. The show is known as the most important communication and information platform for these businesses.

    Delta exhibited its wide UPS product portfolio, including the new HPH (40kW and 120kW) which is a true online double-conversion UPS offering the best-in-class combination of maximum available power, unbeatable energy efficiency and superior power performance. The HPH is perfect for small data centers and other mission critical applications requiring highly reliable power protection. Visitors also saw Delta’s well-known Modulon DPH, which is part of the InfraSuite Solution. The DPH supports ultimate availability for datacenter operations and provides the benefit of “pay as you go” without oversizing the UPS. While achieving ultimate availability, the Modulon DPH does not compromise on power efficiency performance. When availability, efficiency, and expanding according to business needs are essential, the Modulon DPH is the ideal UPS system to provide power protection and total cost of ownership (TCO) savings. Also demonstrated at our Delta booth was the Amplon UPS product family.

    Besides Delta’s UPS Solutions, its new innovative energy storage solutions, the AC-coupled Flex E3 and the DC-coupled Hybrid E5, attracted the most attention. The Hybrid E5 DC-coupled energy storage system is composed of the RPI E5 hybrid inverter as well as an external battery cabinet equipped with a 7.4 kWh Li-ion battery, a smart meter and smart energy management box. The Flex E3 is an AC-coupled energy storage system, making it ideal for installation with pre-existing as well as new PV systems. It is also compatible with other renewable energy sources such as small wind energy turbines.

    Delta also presented its InfraSuite Solutions for datacenters. InfraSuite offers a highly integrated, adaptable, and modular architecture capable of realizing up to 25% energy savings as well as significant benefits in productivity related to installation and maintenance operations. These benefits, in combination with the intelligent real-time monitoring and remote control of datacenter facilities are achievable through the InfraSuite Manager EMS3000 software system (DCIM), which underscores Delta’s profile as a leading provider of smart, highly integrated and eco-friendly solutions.

    In the sector for Telecom Power Solutions, Delta showcased its EnergE-Site systems which offer diversified hybrid energy sources and a selected combination of state-of-the-art technologies developed by Delta such as rectifiers with industry-leading energy efficiency of up to 97.2%, advanced PLC controllers, DC-converters, power distribution units and power cabinets OutD Series.

    Thanks to the well-prepared preshow marketing activity, responsive booth staff, and an attractive booth design Delta gathered over 100 leads during the four-day event. This was the first time Delta Energy Systems (Switzerland) exhibited at Ineltec and the results were excellent.

    Most visitors, generally installers and planners, came from Switzerland with some from Germany, France, and Italy.

    The products generating the highest interest were Delta’s UPS Solutions, with 31% of visitors asking for more information. Our new HPH was definitely an eye catcher, especially the 20/30/40kW with the integrated batteries which need less space compared with many of our competitors’ products. The DPH showed Delta’s capabilities within the datacenter market and many datacenter planners were interested in our DPH/InfraSuite concept.

    Delta is optimistic about expanded business growth in the coming years owing to new innovative products and constantly improving services. We are glad to provide solutions that help our customers get the most efficiency and benefit from their installations, enabling them to help create a greener and cleaner environment, and at the same time reduce energy costs for their homes and businesses.

    Delta Showcases Power Electronics Solutions at Ineltec


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