Containerized Datacenter

Delta’s containerized datacenter is designed for the customer who requires datacenter infrastructure that is designed for flexible and high density deployment for intelligent investment and green energy savings.

Project Background:

An ICT service system provider required a containerized datacenter for building a client’s smart city service. In this case, there were several containers with IT equipment, a control system and a ower system. The power density 15kW/rack was relatively high, so RowCool was adopted to remove the heat efficiently.
Containerized Datacenter


  • IT Load per container: 270 kW
  • Reliability Level: Tier 1~4
  • PUE level: < 1.5
  • Power Density: 15 kW/Rack

Layout Planning:
containerized datacenter layout

Container Configuration:

Raised floor & Rack bracket Raised floor (30 cm) & rack bracket
Water and fire piping Water pipe under the floor
Rack and Cooling Equipment installation including the connection of the high voltage and drain pipe.
Switchboards & monitoring Set the breakers and protection components on the switchboard. Installed the inside racks’ power wire of metered PDU into container switchboard.
Battery Mounted battery rack with DC circuit breaker and dual power cords to prevent a single power failure from affecting the entire system.
Container positioning

Before container positioning, a rubber gasket was used to elevate the container to prevent water on the bottom that could freeze and expand in the winter.

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