Выбор Продукта

  • Delta offers numerous OutD options for South American markets. The sizes range from compact systems with a footprint of 50x60 cm to large cabinets over 200 cm wide.

    The cooling options include AC, HEX, exhausters and advanced hybrid solutions. Typical application areas include network base stations, as well as wireless and fixed-line applications. You can build a whole base station inside a Delta OutD cabinet.

    Our OutD series comes with multiple wall structure alternatives to protect your telecom equipment in the best way possible, from a single-layer wall construction with light and cost-effective design to a multilayer design for more demanding conditions. Delta’s patented multi-point locks deny entry to intruders. IP55 protection keeps equipment safe from foreign objects and weather conditions.

    Any of Delta’s CellD systems can be used as the power supply.
    The Delta OutD options for South-America are numerous. The sizes are from compact systems with footprint 500x600mm to large cabinets with over 2000mm width. Cooling options are AC, heat ex-changer, exhausters or advanced hybrid solutions...