UPS Amplon Family 1kVA or higher
Single-Phase UPS
UPS Ultron Family 10kVA or higher
Three-Phase On-Line UPS
UPS Modulon Family 20kVA or higher
Modular UPS
UPS Agilon Family Under 1kVA
Single-Phase UPS

NH Plus Series, Three Phase, 20-480 kVA


Available from 20 to 480 kVA (4 units x 120 kVA in parallel).
Redundancy at module and system level.
Hot-swappable function ensures uninterrupted operations during maintenance.
Redundant auxiliary power and control circuit ensures higher reliability.
Inbuilt maintenance and static bypass switch.
Modular design provides easy maintenance and scalability.
Multi-language LCD display and LED status indicators.
Two smart slots and six programmable dry contact outputs.
Optional external battery cabinet for longer backup time.
Low harmonic distortion (iTHD<3%) optimized generator size to save initial investment.
High input and output power factor (I/P pf >0.99; O/P pf up to 0.9) and 94% high efficiency reduce operating costs.
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