Delta Electronics Provides UPS Solutions to a Large Media Provider in the Republic of Belarus

Delta Electronics, a leading provider of switching power supplies and UPS devices, has supplied its solutions to RUE Belorussian Radio-Television Broadcasting Center (RUE BRTBC) in Minsk. ENELT COM acted as the supplier for this project, and Tempesto-Bel, a partner of Delta Electronics, performed the installation and start-up work.

RUE BRTBC is an enterprise that broadcasts television and radio programs around the Republic of Belarus and beyond its territory. At the moment, BRTBC is part of RUE Beltelekom, the leading telecommunication company in the country.

As part of its power infrastructure restructuring that is aimed at ensuring an uninterruptible power supply for the automated radio-television broadcasting station, the company decided to install new UPS devices. To complete this task, specialists from EMELT COM and Tempesto-Bel chose the systems produced by Delta Electronics: four sets of two UPS of the Ultron family, НРН series with a power capacity of 30 kVA and a battery cabinet. The devices were installed in different regions of the Republic of Belarus.

“In choosing the systems made by Delta Electronics for our client, the decisive factor was the equipment’s reliability and the availability of a 24/7 support service, which is delivered by our leading specialists,” said Alexander Murashko, a leading sales specialist at Tempesto-Bel. “Delta Electronics has established itself as a supplier of effective premium-class solutions with optimal prices and with a good operations history. For example, BRTBC has been using 15 sets of UPS of the Ultron family H series with a power capacity of 20 kVA since 2012, and two other systems of НРН series with a capacity of 30 kVA since 2015.”

The online UPS of the Ultron family HPH series with double power conversion features low input harmonic distortion iTHD <3% and high operating efficiency, which can reach 96% in the AC-AC conversion mode and 99% in ECO mode. The wide range of input voltage allows the UPS to work in unstable power networks and reduces the need for battery charge-ups, thus extending the device’s service life. In addition, the flexible choice of the number of batteries for the UPS blocks can help reduce the amount of money that clients spend on batteries. In addition, the three-phase UPS provides the opportunity to reduce maintenance time with the use of the built-in mechanical bypass, which provides an uninterrupted power load during a UPS checkup. All these features are meant to ensure a considerable reduction in the client’s maintenance expenses.

Delta UPS HPH 20/30/40 kVA

▲ Delta Ultron HPH Series UPS, 20/30/40 kVA