Precision Cooling - RoomCool F Series


Product available regions : Russia & CIS, SEA, China, Korea
Because product specifications vary slightly from region to region, please download your local leaflet or visit your local website for detailed product information.
High Efficiency
Fans can be configured under a raised floor to reduce fan power consumption by about 20%.
All series use EC fans with variable fan speeds set according to static pressure of data centers’ requirement, optimizing the operation and performance of the precision cooling system.
Smart fuzzy control of condenser fan operation is more stable and energy saving compared to traditional controls.
Highly efficient scroll compressor with various energy-saving optimization designs provides traditional data centers with outstanding AEER performance.
High Availability
Compact design with full front access maintenance minimizes footprint and maintenance space and creates maximum available IT space in the same data center area.
Dual compressor system models offer internal redundancy function for continuous system operation when other systems malfunction.
Color graphical touch panel offers user-friendly, interactive operation.
User-friendly 7-inch color touch screen display supporting graphic interface.
Smart group control offers rotation, back up, competition free, and soft start functions.
Used with Delta ADU provides sufficient cooling capacity for some high power density racks.
High Flexibility
Depending on raised floor height or customer preference, fan installation can be below the raised floor or inside the RoomCool machine.
Installing fans directly does not require additional accessories, settings, or tools. Fan installation under the floor reduces power consumption and noise.
Full front access maintenance does not require rear maintenance space. Installation against a wall to fit with the layout design of the data center is possible for maximum flexibility.
Multiple communication interfaces satisfy the surveillance and communication needs for a variety of data centers.
Condensers equipped with AC fans are also available for budget customers.
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