High Reliability

Project Background:

This case demonstrates how Delta helped a precision manufacturing customer apply Uptime Tier 3 certification for their containerized datacenter.

Customer Requirement:

  • Containerized datacenter installed inside an artificial tunnel
  • Uptime tier 3 certificate
  • Short schedule: from design, stocking, construction, testing, to transport in less than two months
    Week 1: Design confirmed
    Week 4: Equipment shipped
    Week 5: Construction in Shenzhen
    Week 6: System testing in Shenzhen
    Week 7: Arrived in Gui'an, Guizhou

Delta’s Solutions:

  1. Planned a proposal according to customer needs:
    a) Meet Uptime T3 datacenter power supply & distribution system and power structure.
    b) Provide overall design based on customer’s IT equipment / rack’s power density / non-IT equipment’s power demand.
    c) Refine the design of the power structure.
    d) Provide a detailed design of major equipment: A / B cable entry cabinets, A / B distribution cabinet, battery cabinet and PDU.
  2. Assist clients to complete tasks from Level 1 to Level 5.
    high reliability datacenter - Assist clients to complete tasks from level 1 to level 5
    Stages of T3 Certification


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