High C/P Value Datacenter

Project Background:
  • The National United University needed a new datacenter to maintain its daily operations
  • Its old datacenter accounted for 20%-30% of annual electricity expenses.
  • Old datacenter was hard to manage.
    high c/p value - before status of data center

Customer Requirements:

  • Energy savings with PUE 1.6
  • Manageability
  • Stable and reliable IT service
  • High C/P value

Layout Planning:

  • Modular UPS: Easy to replace the power module → Reliability
  • Modular design: Space reserved for future expansion to facilitate future operations → Manageability
    high c/p value - layout

Delta’s Solution:

  • High efficiency and modular UPS (97% efficiency in ECO mode)
  • Server Rack: 70% airflow perforated rate
  • Row-based Cooling: shorten cold airflow distance
  • Airflow management: enhance the efficiency of cooling
  • Delta datacenter solutions include: RowCool, NH Plus UPS, PDC, Rack, DCIM
    high c/p value delta center solutions
  • High CP value and TCO savings of NH Plus UPS are supported by:

    High Efficiency & Energy Saving
    Achieve 94% efficiency in AC-AC mode (90% even at 15% load) and 97% efficiency in ECO mode for lower energy consumption

    Modular Design
    Minimized initial investment with high scalability

    Hot-swappable Design
    Easy maintenance and short recovery time

    Low iTHD
    Low input current harmonic distortion (<3%) providing better power quality


After the new datacenter began operations, National United University successfully reduced PUE from 2.99 to 1.5. The results will help NUU save more than 49% on the annual electricity required for datacenter operation.

high c/p value - result

high c/p value - result

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