Green Datacenter

Project Background:

Delta’s corporate datacenter is an eco-friendly modular datacenter with a gold level average PUE < 1.43. This case study demonstrates how we adopt highly efficient and energy saving solutions for power, cooling, rack and DCIM to achieve the PUE < 1.43.


  • IT Load: 120kW
  • Reliability Level: Tier 2, Tier 3
  • Annual Avg. PUE≦1.43
  • No. of Racks & Avg. Power Density: 63 racks, 1.6 kW/Rack
  • Datacenter & Infrastructure Area: 200m2

Layout Planning:

There are 4 islands with 2 separate areas:

  • Zone A/B: cold aisle containment with RowCool and a free cooling solution for effective heat removal in a datacenter
  • Zone C/D: hot aisle containment

green datacenter solutions

System Highlights:

To construct an eco-friendly datacenter, each system would include power, cooling, rack and environment management and should consider the high efficiency, energy savings and continuous improvement by DCIM. It also adopts free cooling utilizing cool outdoor air.

  1. Power Management
    • UPS Efficiency 96%
    • Modular, scalable
    • Hot-swappable, short MTTR
    • Dual loop, highly reliable
    • Smart remote monitoring
    • Less voltage transfer

  2. Precision Cooling
    • Chilled water type for higher efficiency
    • Variable fan speed control
    • Modular architecture
    • Dual loop for high reliability

  3. Free Cooling
    • Utilizes outdoor cold air when weather conditions apply
    • Applies both water side and air side

  4. Rack & Accessories
    • High perforation >70%
    • Cable trough and blank panel optimizes air flow management and cooling efficiency

  5. Environment Management
    • Real-time power consumption monitoring for PUE improvement
    • Server-level power capping reduces server heat generation

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