Precision Cooling - RowCool 35kW, Direct Expansion


DISCONTINUED : recommended replacement product  RowCool R Series 30/45 kW.
High Efficiency
High Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) design with best indoor and outdoor unit combinations provide low annual operating costs
Built-in compressor with inverter capable of variable speeds at different loadings for cost saving operations
Continuously variable speed EC indoor and outdoor fan design for energy savings
High cooling capacity within compact footprint helps users save on data center space and procurement investment
High Availability
Modular rack design readily expandable as required to enable quick configuration and eliminate hot spots
Supporting group control and use as backup for load variations in peak and off-peak periods
Optional reheater and humidifier accessories for more precise temperature and humidity control
Built-in high / low pressure switch, compressor temperature sensor, air flow sensor, and more that notify users early and reduce maintain time
Repair from front/rear and a modular components design reduces checking and maintenance time
Low speed to keep compressor running at low loading and avoid frequent stop/start to ensure compressor life
High Flexibility
Horizontal air flow suitable for data centers without raised floor saves on construction costs
Pipe and power connections suitable for both top and bottom insertion, with flexible configuration as required
Disposable filters with high efficiency (MERV 8), and washable MERV 1 filters are available for purchase to save cost
Remote monitoring through SNMP card providing more comprehensive system protection