Delta Electronics Implements Solution for Sberbank in Russia

Delta Electronics announced the successful implementation of its solution for a branch of OJSC Sberbank of Russia in Anapa. The regional integrator, Citylink-Yug, together with the official distributor of Delta Electronics products, Tempesto, installed the modular Delta NH Plus series UPS 120 kVA and a parallel N+1 reservation system for guaranteed uninterrupted power supply of the bank's equipment.

As part of the technical refurbishment of Sberbank’s office in Anapa, Krasnodar region, plans were made to increase the usable area of the client service zones, to install self-service terminals, and to introduce an electronic queuing system. The mass conversion to the electronic client services made the need for uninterrupted power supply more critical. An uninterrupted power supply is also necessary for the expensive new equipment, which enables a single office of Sberbank to manage all of its ATMs in town.

Taking into consideration the high product quality, the best value for money, and quick delivery options, Sberbank chose the Delta UPS system. “Sberbank and reliability are two inseparable things, whatever area we talk about: bank deposits or equipment protection,” said Ruslan Alyautdinov, Deputy Head of the Deposits and Equipment Protection Department and head of the Communication and Telecommunication Systems Department for the Krasnodar Branch of OJSC Sberbank. He added, “For us, UPS systems made by Delta Electronics offer a perfect combination of high quality, energy efficiency, and reasonable price. We are sure that the ATMs, the equipment in the operating area, and the cash desks will continue working safely in case of any power supply outages.”

Anastasia Kiseleva, Marketing Director at Delta Electronics Russia & CIS, explained, “Frequent interference and problems with the power supply always have a negative effect on equipment and may lead to forced shutdowns. Delta’s UPS systems guarantee uninterrupted power supply without any downtime.”

The solution included a high-efficiency Delta NH Plus series UPS 120 kVA that enables “hot” swapping of power modules without interrupting the power supply and ensures redundancy of the modules and the system as a whole. The modular design allows easy maintenance and high flexibility if there is a need to increase the power output, while the high efficiency makes it possible to save energy. The total cost of purchasing a Delta NH-Series system is comparatively low from the point of view of both capital and operational costs.


About OJSC Sberbank
OJSC Sberbank is the largest bank in Russia and a leading global financial institutions. Sberbank owns about one-third of all the assets of the entire Russian banking sector. Sberbank is the key creditor for the national economy, holding the largest share in the deposits market. The founder and the principal shareholder of OJSC Sberbank of Russia is the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which owns 50% of the charter capital plus one voting share. The other 50% of the Bank’s shares belong to Russian and foreign investors. Sberbank’s services are used by over 110 million physical persons and about 1 million enterprises in 22 countries of the world. The bank has the largest branch network in Russia, including over 18,000 offices and internal structural divisions. The network of the Bank’s foreign offices is comprised of subsidiaries, subdivisions, and representative offices in Great Britain, the USA, the CIS, Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, and other countries. OJSC Sberbank of Russia has a full banking license from the Bank of Russia # 1481 issued on 08.08.2012.