Delta Ultron NT Series ensures the continuous operation of the Beijing-Tianjin High-speed Rail in China

Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) that ensure continuous operation of railway control centers are of the utmost importance to railway companies, which require extremely high standards for UPSs. China's first inter-city high-speed rail, the Beijing-Tianjin High-speed Railway selected Delta to supply a UPS solution for a new control room project. Delta installed two sets of Ultron NT Series 20KVA UPSs with shared battery sets to implement a redundancy design that reduced the client’s total cost of ownership (TCO). Delta’s UPS solution comes with intelligent UPS management that not only monitors battery conditions, but also allows remote access EPO for enhanced system reliability. With its highly reliable, intelligent and fully integrated UPS solutions, Delta succeeded in winning the UPS bid for the Beijing-Tianjin High-speed Railway control room project, and it continues to support the mission critical operations of its railway clients.
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