Busway System - BR Series, 250A-1600A


A Flexible, Safe, and Reliable Low Voltage Power Distribution Solution

With the brand vision “Smarter, Greener, Together,” Delta has utilized its industry-leading power electronics technology to develop the Busway BR Series for data center applications. Different from a conventional power cable system or sandwich busway solutions, Delta has adopted epoxy cast resin technology to significantly increase IP protection level, safety, and reliability. Delta's solution is ideal for use in a variety of industries and climate conditions. The superior electrical and mechanical characteristics of resin minimize the Busway BR Series' dimensions and simplify its structure. The Busway BR Series also has an extended product life cycle, increased reusability, and achieves significant energy savings for customers.


Customer Value
The Busway BR Series features:

  • Continuous plug-in core technologies available for expansion and power distribution. Data centers can use them
  • Ultra safe solution that satisfies the requirements of data centers
  • Conforms to different standards, depending on market or customer needs, such as IEC, CNS and GB
  • Space-saving and weight-saving solution that overcomes space and loading problems of the data center.
  • Highly integrated composite materials that significantly reduce EMC and protect precision devices in the data center,
    and are safe for human health.


Busway for Data Center Applications

With the recent wave of Big Data and IoT, data centers are responsible for more computing, communication and storage functions. In addition to the increase of their scope, the power density of a single rack cabinet has gradually increased. Effective space utilization is a great challenge for data center construction.

The Delta Cast Resin Busway System BR Series is exclusive for data center applications. Thanks to the epoxy insulation technology, it has a compact structure and size, as well as low EMC that allows it to overcome space limitations in server rooms. Data center designers can easily do wiring construction close to data cables without fear of an impact on their health due to low electromagnetic radiation.

In addition, the plug-in unit can be customized per customers’ requirement. It is flexible for use with different power supply systems of server racks. The plug-in unit also applies the flexible “Continuous Plug-In” core technology and is hot swappable. Therefore, it is not constrained by data center space. Customers can carry out expansion or distribution anywhere, which is very flexible.


Product Advantages

Busway Body

  • Wide power ratings ranging from 250A to 1600A
  • Up to 200% neutral
  • Highly integrated cast resin technology with epoxy inside
  • Pole locations can be reserved or customer can choose the continuous plug-in units upon request
  • Numerous standard lengths are available, such as 1M, 2M, 3M, 4M, 5M, 6M
  • Length can be customized upon customer request
  • IP protection level up to IP54 

Plug-in Unit

  • Easy expansion, plug and play and hot swappable without interruption
  • No special tools required for installation
  • Users can use a single module or multiple modules in parallel
  • Highly customized plug-in units work with power meters and circuit breakers from major vendors
  • Monitoring module is available for options

Conductor Material

  • Users can select copper or aluminum types as needed
  • Conductivity of copper conductor is above 99.9%
  • Copper conductors are entirely tin plated for optimum conductivity and contact reliability

Resin Material

  • Uses epoxy cast resin technology that is highly insulating (Class F 155℃ ) to enhance safety and reliability
  • Fire resistance, waterproof, insulation rating, resistance to chemical and corrosion level compliant with industrial standards
  • Guaranteed high reliability even in harsh environmental conditions (up to IP54)

Busway System - BR series advantages

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