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Controller CSU 503


The Delta CSU503 controller is a feature rich, tem-perature hardened SNMP controller for
small and medium AC/DC power systems.
The CSU503 comes pre-configured which reduces installation time by eliminating the need for setup and onsite configuration. CSU503 is designed to work with the full sized Vector vertical airflow power system as well as many Slimline 1U rectifier systems.

Remote monitoring and alarming, and consequent cost savings, are ensured with potential-free relay contacts and LAN/Ethernet or SNMP. An integrated web server offers a user-friendly interface with a stan-dard browser both for local and remote communica-tion.



CSU503 is used in Delta RS485 based CellD and MidD systems for:

  • Oustside Plant (OSP)
  • Broadband
  • -48 volt Wireless applications
  • Fixed line applications, data communications, cus-tomer premise