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    Indian Telcos Reduced Their Electricity Bill by 50% Using Delta’s RenE Solution

    Today, the Indian telecom industry consumes more than 2 billion liters of diesel every year to maintain its mobile towers. Energy costs represent more than 60% of all network operating costs. Delta’s revolutionary hybrid site solution stands for reliability and cost efficiency. It includes features such as a fully integrated power solution, easy installation and maintenance, remote control and monitoring, and multi-energy data logging. The new site solution is designed to function reliably also in rural areas in India, where grid power (Electricity Board or EB power) is highly unreliable. In these areas, BTS sites use onsite diesel generators for backup or primary power. The power system needs to be reliable, cost-effective and easy to maintain. In addition to securing power supply in such areas, Delta’s new hybrid solution reduces the OPEX of telecom sites and helps cut the use of fuel-guzzling diesel generators in tower operations. For example, in India, most sites run on diesel generators for the first months of their operation due to the delay in the EB connections.

    A typical hybrid installation consists of a rectifier system, a genset, a photovoltaic array and a wind turbine. With Delta’s standalone system or a combination of renewable and traditional energy sources, the CO2 emission rate falls rapidly, resulting in a minimal carbon footprint. All in all, RenE revolutionizes market standards. It brings energy efficiency to the system level with cutting-edge control and monitoring functionality, featuring the most efficient power conversion modules, cooling options and renewable energy sources in the market.

    With the reduced power consumption of modern telecommunications equipment, solar electricity has become an economically and technically attractive alternative to conventional energy sources. Telecommunications lines often pass through remote, uninhabited areas where no infrastructure exists. Therefore, the power system of an unmanned site must be extremely reliable and rugged enough to withstand changing weather conditions with as little human intervention as possible. In case something does go wrong, the system must be able to send an alarm signal to the nearest manned station and to continue running using the solar power system until the arrival of maintenance personnel. Delta aims to revolutionize market standards by enabling significant direct and indirect energy savings while providing easy access to unmanned sites.

    Under Delta’s SolutionE concept, RenE solutions feature a modular power supply concept that can use any combination of solar power, wind turbines, mains power, diesel generators and fuel cells.

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