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  • 2010.06.14

    Delta to launch new inverter systems for telecoms

    Delta is launching several new systems in all of its series – CellDMidD and CabD.


    The new inverter systems for telecoms provide a modular UPS for AC power back-up by combining Delta’s high-quality modular inverterstatic switches and DC power systems. Thanks to their overload capability, the inverters are able to deliver high start-up currents required by appliances such as air conditioners. In addition, the inverters scale up to 30 kVA, enabling flexible use.


    The SSW Series static switches act as electronic switch between the AC mains and the efficient Delta API 1500A series modular inverter. The two standard static switch modules are rated for 7.5 kVA and 30 kVA. The new static switches save up to 14% in energy thanks to optimized system architecture and offline system operation.


    The MidD medium power systems, APS 1500A-230-6 SSW and APS 1500A-230-8, are the first to come on the market by the end of the second quarter of this year. The compact size and flexible configurations make difficult site access and installation easy. The characteristic of this system is to support different installation types such as wall mount.


    In early Q3, we will bring out several new scalable small CellD rack systems that can be integrated into any standard cabinet or outdoor cabinets, and large CabD systems for core network applications.


    Especially in emerging markets with unstable AC utility, existing site upgrade with such inverter systems allows different operating mode during the mains outage. This enables fuel savings leading to significant operating cost reductions..

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