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  • 2010.09.13

    Delta Electronics first to receive UL Environment’s Energy Efficiency Certification

    The commitment of Delta Electronics to improve the energy efficiency of its products has once again been recognized internationally as it becomes the first company in the world to receive the Energy Efficiency Certification (EEC) conferred by UL Environment, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Underwriters Laboratories. By 10 September 2010, more than thirty AC/DC adapters from CEBG and NBBG had passed the environmental evaluation by UL Environment, earning the EEC mark.

    UL Environment’s EEC program offers complete testing and certification services to verify the energy efficiency claims of product manufacturers. The EEC program mainly tests home appliances to see if they meet the new requirements defined by Natural Resources Canada, the California Energy Commission, and EPA and international ENERGY STAR standards. The program mainly focuses on heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, high-tech equipment and lighting products destined for North America. Earning the EEC mark verifies Delta’s compliance with the energy efficiency standards and strengthens consumer confidence in Delta’s products.
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