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  • 2010.06.30

    Delta at INTELEC 2010 conference for energy solutions in Orlando, Florida

    Delta participated in the INTELEC 2010 conference held on 6–10 June 2010 in Orlando, Florida. Delta was one of the Elite Patrons exhibiting new high-efficiency telecom power system products developed for the North American market. “The visitors were especially interested in our DPS 2700C-48-4 CellD system, which is based on our DPR 2700 EnergE rectifiers,” said Douglas Wilkins, Product Director at Energy Solutions North America Market Unit. “In addition to over 96% power conversion efficiency, the clear advantage of such a small rack system is that it provides up to 150 amps per shelf in a highly dense package.”
    Another newcomer in Delta’s North American product portfolio will be a MidD system based on the DPR 4000 rectifier, also reaching an energy efficiency of 95%, with industry-leading power density.

    At the conference, Delta’s Barry Blair presented a technical paper developed by Delta Electronics (Shanghai) Ltd. and Delta Greentech (USA) titled “Design Considerations of High-Efficiency, High-Density Telecom Rectifiers”. Gold Yin from Delta Hangghou Design Center also presented a paper titled “Hybrid PFC Circuit for Wide Load Range High-Efficiency Server Power Supply Unit”.

    For more information about the products and presentations held at the conference, please contact Douglas Wilkins or Barry Blair Delta at Greentech (USA) Inc, tel. (214) 437-7900.

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