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  • 2009.10.27

    Delta’s EnergE label helps you spot high energy efficiency

    Delta is introducing the new EnergE concept. The EnergE label helps you distinguish Delta’s most energy-efficient rectifiers.

    “Many of our rectifier series have EnergE-labeled products, but Delta has set strict criteria for these individual products. They all have the world’s leading energy efficiency in their specific power range, and, moreover, always an efficiency of 95% or higher. We want to make sure that EnergE is a real promise of efficiency,” said Hans-Peter Glauser, Global Product Manager at Delta Energy Solutions Business Group.

    The energy efficiency of modules refers to how efficiently a module converts primary into secondary energy without losses. Power density specifies how much power is packed into a single unit of volume. It is essential in electronic devices as it defines the product’s current flow in relation to size.

    Currently DPR 4000B and DPR 2700C rectifiers have the EnergE label.
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